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The Pfaffenwinkel, Germany

The Pfaffenwinkel is a part of southwestern Bavaria that is famous for its religious buildings and history.

The name itself refers to the local dialect for priests ("Pfaffen") - in other words, the "priests' corner".

As its name suggests, there are many pilgrimage churches and monasteries in the small villages and hilly countryside that make up the area - and the Romantic Road passes directly through this area via the towns of Schongau and Peiting and the villages of Rottenbuch, Wildsteig and Steingaden.

Welfenmünster, Steingaden

One of the biggest religious attractions in the Pfaffenwinkel is the Wieskirche - a pilgrimage church in the middle of the south Bavarian countryside near Steingaden:
Wieskirche Information

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Pfaffenwinkel Hotels

The largest of the towns has its own page about how to get there and where to stay:
Schongau Hotels and Travel

Other larger hotels in the Pfaffenwinkel area include:


Hotel Gasthof Dragoner (D)
Hotel Dragoner Peiting
Ammergauer Strasse 11+16
86971 Peiting
Tel: 08861 25070
Fax: N/A
Alpenhotel Pfaffenwinkel (D)
Hotel Pfaffenwinkel Peiting
Am Hauptplatz
86971 Peiting
Tel: 08861 25260
Fax: 08861 252627


Landhotel Moosbeck-Alm (D, E)
Landhotel Moosbeck Alm, Rottenbuch
Moos 38
82401 Rottenbuch
Tel: 08867 91200
Fax: 08867 912020


Hotel Alpenblick Berghof (D)
Hotel Alpenblick Berghof, Halblech
Moorbadstrasse 21
87642 Halblech
Tel: 08368 9148990


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