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Würzburg Germany

Würzburg is often where a visitor decides to start their tour of the Romantic Road route through southern Germany - and it is a fine introduction to the trip.

The city itself is set in a beautiful hilly location on a river and possesses a wealth of history, as well playing host to a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Residence palace.

It is also smack in the middle of one of Germany's biggest wine-producing areas and has superb connections to other parts of the country.

Wurzburg Germany

Much more detailed information about the city's history can be seen on our Würzburg information page: Würzburg Information

Much of the history of the city centres around the Prince Bishops and their two main homes over the centuries: the Marienberg Fortress and the Residence Palace.

Information about travelling to the city and where to stay once you get to the start of the Romantic Road can be found on our Würzburg travel page: Würzburg Hotels & Travel

Würzburg has a wealth of places to visit and sites to tour around and some of the main locations are featured in our photo gallery along with short descriptions to go along with each image: Würzburg Photos

Quick Facts About Würzburg

Würzburg is located in the central part of Bavaria near the western edge of the state. It is one of the main cities in the Franconia region, which covers much of northern Bavaria, as well as smaller parts of Baden-Württemberg, Thuringia and Hesse.

The original name 'Virteburh' is first mentioned in the 8th century. The last part of the name refers to fortifications (probably on the Marienberg) and the first part could either be a reference to herbs (the present-day 'Würze' means 'spices' or 'flavouring') or to a Celtic goddess who was worshipped nearby (stemming from the Celtic for 'virgin').

The umlaut over the letter U makes the vowel longer and is sometimes written as 'ue'. Phonetically, something like 'voortsburg' would be fairly close.

Bavaria may be a region famous for its beer, but Würzburg is the centre of the Fränkisches Weinland (Franconian Wine Region), which is famous for its red and white wines in their special round bottles.

Würzburg is located on the Main river. which flows through Frankfurt am Main and then joins the Rhine near Mainz.

Where to stay in Würzburg?

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Pilgrimage Chapel, Würzburg

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