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Augsburg, Germany

The city of Augsburg can trace its history way back beyond the medieval heyday of its neighbours on the Romantic Road.

It is one of the oldest German cities - the oldest one in Bavaria - and visitors can find landmarks from the different eras as they explore the city centre.

The original settlement before the period of Roman control was dubbed Augusta Vindelicorum when the Roman Empire came to power in the region and built the trade route stretching between northern Italy and their new powerbase in southern Germany.

Augsburg is about halfway down the Romantic Road and makes a good stopping point for visitors who are planning to split their trip into a northern and southern section.

It has an interesting old town with the Augsburg cathedral just outside the main centre dating from the 11th century and an impressive Renaissance town hall in the central square.

Augsburg, Germany

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Quick Facts About Augsburg

The city is located around 80 kilometres northeast of Munich. It is the capital of Swabia, a region in the eastern part of Bavaria.

The name originates from the original Roman settlement on the site: Augusta Vindelicorum. 'Burg' refers to a small town or a fortress.

The proper pronunciation starts with an 'ow', as in 'ow, that hurt!'. Not an 'aw', as in 'awful', which is a common mistake made by foreigners.

Augsburg is the oldest city in Bavaria, but it is probably most famous for the Fuggerei - a social housing estate in the city centre built by the Fugger family of bankers which dates back to the Middle Ages.

The city is located on the Lech river. which joins the Wertach before it flows into the Danube near Donauwörth to the north of the city.

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Stone carving on the side of Augsburg cathedral

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