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Dinkelsbühl, Germany

Dinkelsbühl is one of the archetypal towns which give the German Romantic Road its character.

Along with its two neighbours (Rothenburg to the north and Nördlingen to the south) it is one of the only remaining walled medieval towns in Germany and its imposing minster and the timbered buildings give visitors a strong impression of how the towns appeared in the Middle Ages.

Dinkelsbuhl Germany

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Quick Facts about Dinkelsbühl

The timbered walled town centre of Dinkelsbühl is one of the main sights on the Bavarian section of the Romantic Road between Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Nördlingen.

The town's foundation legend refers to a grain farmer ('Dinkel' means spelt in German). However, Dinkel is more likely a corruption of 'Thingolt', one of the first royal administrators, and 'bühl' is a common contraction for a hill or a hilly landscape.

Although it might look intimidating for foreigners, the pronunciation of Dinkelsbühl is not that difficult. The 'üh' in the last part of the word lengthens the vowel, in a similar way to 'buel'.

Dinkelsbühl is known for the 'Kinderzeche' - an annual festival which commemorates the surrender to the Swedish forces in the Thirty Years War and a child's plea which saved the town from destruction.

Dinkelsbühl is about two hours' drive northwest of Munich, via Augsburg and Donauwörth. It is possible to use public transport with a lengthy combination of trains and buses via Ansbach and Feuchtwangen.

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