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Page updated: 23/8/23

Where to stay in Augsburg

Augsburg is just about the half-way point along the Romantic Road and the size of the town, the places to see and the choice of hotel accommodation make it a good point to pause a while rather than rushing from one place to another on the road south.

The city set in a relatively flat area on the river Lech and the accommodation is mostly within the circular area formed by the bounds of the motorways around the suburbs and the river to the east. There are plenty of hotels in the centre of Augsburg for those who like to be in the thick of things.

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Hotels in Augsburg

Dorint Hotel an der Kongresshalle (D, E)
Dorint Hotel an der Kongresshalle Augsburg
Imhofstrasse 12
86159 Augsburg
Tel: 0821 59740
Fax: 0821 5974100
Hotel Alpenhof (D)
Hotel Alpenhof Augsburg
Donauwörther Strasse 233
86154 Augsburg
Tel: 0821 42040
Fax: 0821 4204200
Hotel Augsburger Hof (D, E)
Hotel Augsburger Hof Augsburg
Auf dem Kreuz 2
86152 Augsburg
Tel: 0821 343050
Fax: 0821 3430555
Hotel Maximilian's (D, E)
Hotel Maximilians Augsburg
Maximilianstrasse 40
86150 Augsburg
Tel: 0821 50360
Fax: 0821 5036777
Quality Hotel (D, E)
Quality Hotel Augsburg
Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse 6
86155 Augsburg
Tel: 0821 79440
Fax: 0821 7944450
Hotel Augusta (D, E)
Hotel Augusta Augsburg
Ludwigstrasse 2
86152 Augsburg
Tel: 0821 50140
Fax: 0821 5014605
Hotel Bayerischer Wirt (D)
Hotel Bayerischer Wirt Augsburg
Neuburger Strasse 122
86157 Augsburg
Tel: 0821 7909750
Fax: 0821 79097550
Dom-Hotel Augsburg (D, E)
Dom-Hotel Augsburg
Frauentorstrasse 8
86152 Augsburg
Tel: 0821 343930
Fax: 0821 34393-200
City Hotel Ost am Kö (D, E)
City Hotel Ost am Kö Augsburg
Fuggerstrasse 4-6
86150 Augsburg
Tel: 0821 502040
Fax: 0821 5020444
Hotel Am Rathaus (D)
Hotel Am Rathaus Augsburg
Am Hinteren Perlachberg 1
86150 Augsburg
Tel: 0821 346490
Fax: 0821 3464999
Arthotel Ana Gold (D, E)
Stiermann's Terratel Augsburg
Nanette-Streicher-Strasse 4
86199 Augsburg
Tel: 0821 906040
Fax: 0821 9060450

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Getting to Augsburg

What is the closest airport to Augsburg?

Although Augsburg is the only location on the whole of the Romantic Road which can boast its own airport - a few kilometres to the north of the city centre - the airport no longer has scheduled flights. Augsburg has some of the best alternative options, though, with the massive choice of Munich Airport or the low-cost base of Memmingen both being close at hand.

Distance to Munich Airport: 85km
Distance to Memmingen Airport: 86km
Distance to Stuttgart Airport: 150km
Distance to Nuremberg Airport: 162km

Where is the nearest train station to Augsburg?

The main Augsburg railway station is located to the east of the city centre. Augsburg is a major rail connection for southern Germany and connects easily into main national and international routes, as well as to other locations on the Romantic Road.

Getting from Augsburg to Munich

There is a regular regional rail service between the main stations in both cities, with the journey taking around three quarters of an hour.

Augsburg and Munich are connected by the A8 motorway. Driving time is just under an hour.


Stone carving on the side of Augsburg cathedral

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