Romantic Road Germany

Campsites along the Romantic Road

Long gone are the days when campsites meant muddy fields and a trudge to a cold shower.

The campsites along the Romantic Road are pretty typical of the standard of German campsites these days: many with restaurants attached, washing and drying facilities, children's play areas and even wireless internet.

Nowadays the word campsite is almost an equivalent for a motorhome/caravan site and it's not unusual to see a campsite without a single tent up! Some of the sites also have simple accommodation for rent.

View of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Some of the camping websites are only available in German - the language is marked to the right of the name (D - German only; E - English available).

Campsites from North to South

Campsite Kalte Quelle (D)
Campsite Kalte Quelle, Würzburg
Winterhäuser Str. 160
97084 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 65598
Fax: 0931 612611
Campsite Romantische Strasse (E)
Camping Romantische Strasse, Creglingen
Münster 67
97993 Creglingen
Tel: 07933 20289
Fax: 07933 990019
Campsite Tauberromantik (E)
Camping Tauberromantil, Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Detwang 39
91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Tel: 09861 6191
Fax: 09861 9368889
Campsite Frankenhöhe (D)
Camping Frankenhöhe, Schillingsfürst
Fischhaus 2
91583 Schillingsfürst
Tel: 09868 5111
Fax: 09868 959699
Campsite Donau-Lech (E)
Camping Donau-Lech, Oberndorf am Lech
Campingweg 1
86698 Oberndorf
Tel: 09090 4046
Fax: 09090 4046
Lech Camping (E)
Lech Camping, Affing
Seeweg 6
86444 Affing
Tel: 08207 2200
Fax: 08207 2202
Campsite Romantik am Lech (D)
Camping Romantik am Lech, Landsberg am Lech
Pössinger Au 1
86899 Landsberg am Lech
Tel: 08191 47505
Fax: 08191 21406
Campsite am Richterbichl (E)
Camping am Richterbichl
Solder 1
82401 Rottenbuch
Tel: 08867 1500
Fax: 08867 8300
Campsite Brunnen (E)
Camping Bannwaldsee, Schwangau
Seestrasse 81
87645 Schwangau
Tel: 08362 8273
Fax: 08362 8630
Campsite Bannwaldsee (D)
Camping Bannwaldsee, Schwangau
Münchner Strasse 151
87645 Schwangau
Tel: 08362 9300-0
Fax: 08362 9300-20
Campsite Hopfensee (D)
Camping Hopfensee, Füssen
Fischerbichl 17
87629 Füssen im Allgäu
Tel: 08362 9177-10
Fax: 08362 9177-20

Map of Campsites