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Distances - Romantic Road Towns

First, a disclaimer: the towns and villages mentioned on the RomanticRoadGermany website are not the only places that you can visit along the route.

With that said, a few site users have said that they would find a breakdown of distances between the places quite useful in planning their holiday on the Romantic Road.

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, the most popular direction is from north to south but, for the sake of completeness, here are the distances in both directions (the distances between each town are marked next to the latter location - thus between Würzburg and Tauberbischofsheim the distance between them is after Tauberbischofsheim):

Nördlingen and the Ries impact crater
North to South Distance
Tauberbischofsheim 38km
Lauda-Königshofen 10km
Bad Mergentheim 11km
Creglingen 25km
Rothenburg ob der Tauber 19km
Dinkelsbühl 45km
Nördlingen 32km
Harburg 17km
Donauwörth 12km
Augsburg 44km
Landsberg am Lech 39km
Schongau 29km
Pfaffenwinkel (Rottenbuch) 17km
Schwangau 29km
Füssen 4km


South to North Distance
Schwangau 4km
Pfaffenwinkel (Rottenbuch) 29km
Schongau 17km
Landsberg am Lech 29km
Augsburg 39km
Donauwörth 44km
Harburg 12km
Nördlingen 17km
Dinkelsbühl 32km
Rothenburg ob der Tauber 45km
Creglingen 19km
Bad Mergentheim 25km
Lauda-Königshofen 11km
Tauberbischofsheim 10km
Würzburg 38km