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Dinkelsbühl is a fabulous town to stop off along the way on a journey down the Romantic Road. It is one of Germany's most "romantic" medieval towns and many of the hotels can trace their origins back to the days of the Middle Ages - as inns or merchants' houses or as storehouses.

As well as being an attractive town to wander through in the evening, Dinkelsbühl is also a good base to explore the towns in this part of Bavaria - Feuchtwangen, Ellwangen and Crailsheim are all worth a visit.

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Hotels in Dinkelsbühl

Hotel Blauer Hecht (D)
Hotel Blauer Hecht Dinkelsbühl
Schweinemarkt 1
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851 5810
Fax: 09851 581170
Hotel Deutsches Haus (D, E)
Hotel Deutsches Haus Dinkelsbühl
Weinmarkt 3
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851 6058
Fax: 09851 7911
Hotel Dinkelsbühler Kunststuben (D)
Hotel Dinkelsbühler Kunststuben Dinkelsbühl
Segringer Strasse 52
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851 6750
Fax: 09851 553527
Hotel Piazza (D)
Hotel Piazza Dinkelsbühl
Segringer Strasse 8
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851 8998816
Fax: 09851 8998817
Hotel Goldene Rose (D)
Hotel Goldene Rose Dinkelsbühl
Marktplatz 4
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851 57750
Fax: 09851 577575
Hotel Haus Appelberg (D, E)
Hotel Haus Appelberg Dinkelsbühl
Nördlinger Strasse 40
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851 582838
Fax: 09851 554737
Hotel Weisses Ross (D)
Hotel Weisses Ross Dinkelsbühl
Steingasse 12
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851 579890
Fax: 09851 6770
Hotel-Gasthof Dinkelsbühler Hof (D)
Hotel-Gasthof Dinkelsbühler Hof Dinkelsbühl
Ellwanger Strasse 5
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851 7383
Fax: 09851 7762
Hotel Eisenkrug (D)
Hotel Eisenkrug Dinkelsbühl
Dr.Martin-Luther-Strasse 1
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851 57700
Fax: 09851 577070
Hotel Fränkischer Hof (D, E)
Hotel Fränkischer Hof Dinkelsbühl
Nördlinger Strasse 10
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851 57900
Fax: 09851 579099
Hotel Goldenes Lamm (D, E)
Hotel Goldenes Lamm Dinkelsbühl
Lange Gasse 26/28
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851 2267
Fax: 09851 6441
Hezelhof Hotel (D)
Hezelhof Hotel Dinkelsbühl
Segringer Strasse 7
91550 Dinkelsbühl
Tel: 09851 555420
Fax: 09851 5554260

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Travel to Dinkelsbühl

Air Travel

The closest airports to Dinkelsbühl are located at Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Memmingen and Munich.

Distance to Nuremberg Airport: 108km
Distance to Stuttgart Airport: 140km
Distance to Memmingen Airport: 151km
Distance to Munich Airport: 184km

Both Stuttgart and Munich are fairly important centres for scheduled flights for major airlines (Munich being the larger of the two). The other airports have varying degrees of options with internal flights or low-cost carriers.

Train Travel

Dinkelsbühl doesn't have its own current railway station - the nearest stations are located in Crailsheim (22km) or Ansbach (42km). There is a regular bus service from these stations. However on certain days in the summer there is a historic steam train run on the former line from Nördlingen to Feuchtwangen.


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