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Nördlingen is the southernmost of the three famous walled medieval towns on the Romantic Road. Like Rothenburg and Dinkelsbühl to the north, it too is well deserving of a stop to drink up the atmosphere of the town.

However Nördlingen doesn't just rely on its history and tall tales of nightwatchmen and giant tankards.

It's located in the middle of a meteorite crater and, for anyone with a bit of time during their journey, taking a look at some of the geology of the area (with the help of the informative brochures from the local tourist office) makes an interesting break from the stories of religion and the Seven Years' War.

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Hotels in Nördlingen

Hotel NH Klösterle
Hotel Klösterle Nördlingen
Beim Klösterle 1
86720 Nördlingen
Tel: 09081 87080
Fax: 09081 87081
Arthotel ANA Flair
Hotel Am Ring Nördlingen
Bürgermeister-Reiger-Strasse 14
86720 Nördlingen
Tel: 09081 29003
Fax: 09081 23170
Hotel Altreuter
Hotel Altreuter Nördlingen
Marktplatz 11
86720 Nördlingen
Tel: 09081 4319
Fax: 09081 9797
Hotel Goldene Rose
Hotel Goldene Rose Nördlingen
Baldinger Strasse 42
86720 Nördlingen
Tel: 09081 86019
Fax: 09081 24591
Kaiserhof Hotel Sonne
Kaiserhof Hotel Sonne Nördlingen
Marktplatz 3
86720 Nördlingen
Tel: 09081 5067
Fax: 09081 23999
2nd Home Hotel
2nd Home Hotel Nördlingen
Luntenbuck 9
86720 Nördlingen
Tel: 09081 2729330

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Travel to Nördlingen

Air Travel

The closest airports to Nördlingen are located at Munich, Nuremberg, Memmingen and Stuttgart.

Distance to Nuremberg Airport: 111km
Distance to Memmingen Airport: 137km
Distance to Stuttgart Airport: 150km
Distance to Munich Airport: 152km

Although Munich is the most distant option, it is probably the most suitable for those arriving on scheduled flights from further afield. The other airports have varying degrees of options with internal flights or low-cost carriers.

Train Travel

Nördlingen has a railway station to the east of the town. Nördlingen is on a regional rail line, which generally connects to the main rail hubs through the town of Donauwörth to the south.


Timbered house, Nördlingen

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