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Where to stay in Würzburg

Würzburg is the start of most people's journey down the Romantic Road - and so it's a good idea to get the trip off on a good footing by staying in some good hotel accommodation in the city.

There is certainly enough to choose from - whether you are looking for the action of the city centre or something a little quieter out in the hills and vineyards around the old town.

It's a good idea to ensure you are booking a hotel in advance in busy periods. Würzburg is not only a favourite with tourists, but as a busy regional centre it also has its own conferences, trade fairs and seasonal festivals.

The hotels chosen are mainly from the four-star and three-star categories and some of them have online booking facilities through our travel fulfilment partner You can check availability at those particular hotels by clicking on the button under the hotel.

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Hotels in Würzburg

Hotel am Congress-Centrum (D, E)
Hotel am Congress-Centrum Würzburg
Pleichertorstrasse 26
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 2307970
Fax: 0931 50246
Hotel Greifensteiner Hof (D)
Hotel Greifenstein Würzburg
Dettelbachergasse 2
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 35170
Fax: 0931 57057

Hotel Novotel Würzburg (D, E)
Novotel Würzburg
Eichstrasse 2
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 30540
Fax: 0931 3054423
Best Western Premier Hotel Rebstock (D, E)
Best Western Premier Hotel Rebstock Würzburg
Neubaustrasse 7
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 30930
Fax: 0931 3093100
Hotel Schloss Steinburg (D, E)
Hotel Schloss Steinburg Würzburg
Reussenweg 2
97080 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 97020

Hotel Walfisch (D)
Hotel Walfisch Würzburg
Hexenbruchweg 10
97072 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 453040
Fax: 0931 415458
Hotel Wittelsbacher Höh (D)
Hotel Wittelsbacher Höh Würzburg
Dettelbachergasse 2
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 35170
Fax: 0931 57057
Mercure Hotel Würzburg am Mainufer (D, E)
Mercure Hotel Würzburg am Mainufer
Dreikronenstrasse 27
97072 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 41930
Fax: 0931 4193460
Hotel Alter Kranen (D, E)
Hotel Alter Kranen Würzburg
Kärrnergasse 11
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 35180
Fax: 0931 3510800
Hotel Amberger (D, E)
Hotel Amberger Würzburg
Ludwigstrasse 17-19
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 35100
Fax: 0931 57057
Hotel Franziskaner (D)
Hotel Franziskaner Würzburg
Franziskanerplatz 2
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 35630
Fax: 0931 3563333
Hotel Lindleinsmühle (D, E)
Hotel Lindleinsmühle Würzburg
Frankenstrasse 15
97078 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 250490
Fax: 0931 2504949
Hotel Regina (D, E)
Hotel Regina Würzburg
Haugerring 1
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 322390
Fax: 0931 17752
Hotel Residence (D)
Hotel Residence Würzburg
Juliuspromenade 1
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 53546
Fax: 0931 12597
Hotel Strauss (D)
City Partner Hotel Strauss Würzburg
Juliuspromenade 5
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 30570
Fax: 0931 3057555
Hotel Till Eulenspiegel (D)
Hotel Till Eulenspiegel Würzburg
Sanderstrasse 1a
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 355840
Fax: 0931 3558430
Hotel Zum Winzermännle (D)
Hotel Zum Winzermännle Würzburg
Domstrasse 32
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 54156
Fax: 0931 58228
Hotel Würzburger Hof (D)
Hotel Würzburger Hof Würzburg
Barbarossaplatz 2
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 53814
Fax: 0931 58324

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Travel to Würzburg

Air Travel

For the start of the Romantic Road there are three airports which are relatively close to Würzburg: Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Nuremberg.

Distance to Nuremberg Airport: 108km
Distance to Frankfurt Airport: 124km
Distance to Stuttgart Airport: 165km
Distance to Memmingen Airport: 241km
Distance to Munich Airport: 270km

The three closest airports have a good mixed of scheduled, low-fare and charter carriers, while the second three may be options for those whose choice of flights is dictated by international connections.

Train Travel

Würzburg's main railway station is situated to the north of the city centre. Würzburg is a pretty big rail connection for the rest of Germany and it is easy to find connections to other German provinces or European countries.


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