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Schwangau is a small village on the shores of a pleasant lake. But what everyone is interested in is the other direction in the foothills of the Alps and clearly visible from the most of the hotels.

Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the biggest tourist draws in Germany, while its often neglected neighbour Hohenschwangau Castle is also worth some time.

The choice here is whether to stay in Schwangau, up nearer the castles in the hamlet of Hohenschwangau, or maybe in the nearby town of Füssen.

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Hotels in Schwangau

Hotel Müller (D, E)
Hotel Müller Hohenschwangau
Alpseestrasse 16
87645 Hohenschwangau
Tel: 08362 81990
Fax: 08362 819913
Boutique Hotel Das Rübezahl (D, E)
Hotel Rübezahl Schwangau
Am Ehberg 31
87645 Schwangau
Tel: 08362 8888
Fax: 08362 81701
Hotel Helmer (D, E)
Hotel Helmer Schwangau
Mitteldorf 10
87645 Schwangau
Tel: 08362 9800
Fax: 08362 980200
Hotel Helmerhof (D, E)
Hotel Helmerhof Schwangau
Frauenbergstrasse 9
87645 Schwangau
Tel: 08362 8069
Fax: 08362 8437
Hotel Huberhof (D, E)
Hotel Huberhof Schwangau
Seestrasse 67
87645 Schwangau
Tel: 08362 81362
Fax: 08362 81811
Hotel Steiger (D, E)
Hotel Steiger Schwangau
Frauenbergstrasse 52 b
87645 Schwangau
Tel: 08362 81067
Fax: 08362 88228
Hotel Weinbauer (D, E)
Hotel Weinbauer Schwangau
Füssener Strasse 3
87645 Schwangau
Tel: 08362 9860
Fax: 08362 986113
Landgasthof Zur Post(D, E)
Landgasthof Zur Post Schwangau
Münchener Strasse 5
87645 Schwangau
Tel: 08362 98210
Fax: 08362 982155
Hotel König Ludwig (D)
Hotel König Ludwig Schwangau
Kreuzweg 11
87645 Schwangau
Tel: 08362 8890
Fax: 08362 81779
Hotel Maximilian (D, E)
Hotel Maximilian Schwangau
Marienstrasse 16
87645 Schwangau
Tel: 08362 9880
Fax: 08362 988410
Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resorts & Spa (D, E)
Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resorts & Spa Schwangau
Alpseestrasse 21
87645 Schwangau
Tel: 08362 7030

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Travel to Schwangau

Air Travel

Memmingen Airport is the nearest option for visitors to Schwangau, while the next closest is actually across the border in neighbouring Austria at Innsbruck.

Distance to Memmingen Airport: 82km
Distance to Innsbruck Airport: 109km
Distance to Friedrichshafen Airport: 125km
Distance to Munich Airport: 155km

Innsbruck Airport is worth a first look as both scheduled and charter flights go in and out of the airport on many days of the week. The closest, Memmingen, is a hub for low-cost carriers and some German internal flights.

Train Travel

Schwangau doesn't have its own railway station. The closest train station is at Füssen, a short four-kilometre bus or taxi ride away.


Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau

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